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The Results

Once the warning signs are erected, you will notice a difference in your car park within a week. Throughout the weeks thereafter, you will encounter fewer and fewer unauthorised parked vehicles.


Our warning signs, regular patrols and issue of CN's will quickly deter drivers from breaching the Terms and Conditions for parking on your land.  This not only means that outsiders will stop parking on your land, but also that those who live on, or visit, the land will comply with the rules.

By ensuring that authorised, correctly parked vehicles are the only ones onsite, emergency vehicles are given unobstructed access to the buildings. This can save lives, as was the case with a fire at Marine Tower on one of our sites in Lewisham, SE8 in 2011, when the fire brigade had immediate unobstructed access to the tower block.


The result is a clean and private car park which residents will appreciate.


Ace Security Services

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