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The Preparation

We will first discuss your parking needs and your reasons for requiring parking control.  We understand that each site is different.  Therefore, if you require any special conditions, such as specific patrol times or enforcement at your specific request only, these can be included in the contract.  If necessary, we will conduct a survey of your land in order to understand fullyyour specific parking needs.  A contract is then drawn up to reflect these needs, which is agreed by both parties.  Following this, we arrange a visit to affix our warning signs as near as possible to the site entrance, in order to show clearly that your land is private.  We will also erect further signs around the car parking areas, to ensure that no-one is in any doubt that they are on protected land.  Where possible we will put the signs on existing lamp posts or posts.  If we have to put them on buildings we will do our best not to cause any lasting damage to the building surface.

Our warning signs state clearly that the land is private and is managed by Ace Security Services.  They also state clearly the Terms and Conditions for parking which were agreed at the start of the contract.  The signs warn that if these Terms and Conditions are breached, the driver will be issued with a Charge Notice (CN) and that we may request keeper details from the DVLA if the CN is not paid.


Our normal signs are made from correx and measure 46 cms (18") x 61 cms (24").  These are provided and maintained free of charge as part of the annual contract fee.  We are also able to provide metal or bespoke signs at additional cost.

As park of the annual contract,  we also supply up to 150 permits and 54 holders for you to issue to residents, visitors or other regular users of the land.  These are available in four different colours and all have their own unique serial number and security markings to prevent copying.  If additional permits or holders are required, these can be ordered at an additional cost.



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