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If you wish to appeal a Charge Notice please email directly.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances we can only accept an appeal against a Charge Notice from the driver responsible for parking the vehicle at the location prior to the charge notice being issued. In your appeal please include;

  • The Charge Notice number

  • Your vehicle registration

  • Your full name

  • Your full personal address

  • A statement that you were the driver who parked the vehicle prior to the Charge Notices issue.

If you fail to include all of the above your appeal will be disregarded for failing to comply with our appeals procedure.

If you wish to dispute liability for a Charge Notice, the appeal must be made within 28 days and we will endeavour to reply within a further 28 days of receiving the appeal.  If you do not receive a response within this time, please contact us; do not assume that your appeal has been successful.


Once your appeal is accepted, 'the clock stops', and the CN will go on hold.  If you have appealed within 14 days of the CN being issued, and the appeal is denied, you will still have the opportunity to pay the reduced amount within a specified time period.  At this point you will also be provided with the details necessary to lodge an appeal to the Independent Appeals Service.  Details of their appeals procedure can be found at

Ace Security Services

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